List of B Papers :
  • B0 sheet of paper
  • B1 sheet of paper
  • B2 sheet of paper
  • B3 sheet of paper
  • B4 sheet of paper
  • B5 sheet of paper
  • B6 sheet of paper
  • B7 sheet of paper
  • B8 sheet of paper
  • B9 sheet of paper
  • B10 sheet of paper

B4 Paper Size

B4 size enters the category of formats suitable for writing. It has to be used in professional printing because there is no personnal printer or copier friendly to B format. B4 is used to edit tables, notes, little posters.

This format was first standardized by DIN 476, on the proposal of Walter Portsmann. This was based on a letter of Lichtenberg dating back to 1786, which outlined the interest of √2 ratio in length/width proportions for paper formats. This standard was then taken up in 1975 by the international standard ISO 216.

The √2 ratio has a very interesting advantage, since it maintains the proportions when the sheet is folded in the direction of its width. So, for B4, which adopts the √2 proportion (ie 1.4142 (a / b = 2b / a = √2)), we know that we can get a B5 bending, and a B3 doubling. These two formats will maintain the same proportions. A B4 is equal to ¼ B2, ½ B3, but also to two B5 sheets, 4 B6 sheets...

The surface of B4 is 0.088 m², with dimensions of 353 x 250 mm or 13.9 x 9.84 inches. Those can also be expressed in square yards: 0.11, in square foot: 0.95 or in square inches: 136.4.

The weight of a sheet of paper B4 shall be calculated in relation to its surface: 0.088 m². So we know that, for a paper weight of 120 g / m², we will have a weight of 0.088 x 120 = 10.56 grams per B4 sheet.

The measurements in inches of B4 is 9.84 x 13.90

The size of B4 is 9.84 x 13.90 inches

The size in centimeters of B4 is 25 x 35.3

The size of B4 is 25 x 35.3 centimeters

or 250 x 353 millimeters

The area of B4 paper sheet:

  • Square yard: 0.11
  • Square foot: 0.95
  • Square inch: 136.4

B4 paper area

B4 digital size in 150 dpi is 1476 x 2085 pixels

B4 size in 150 dpi : 1476 x 2085 pixels

B4 digital size in 300 dpi is 2953 x 4169 pixels

B4 size in 300 dpi : 2953 x 4169 pixels
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